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  1. All sections of this form must be fully completed and should include your family background, place of residence, school and highest educational levels achieved as well as reasons for wanting to convert. If you have a partner/spouse, please submit their biographical details as above. Your partner must also complete part of the form (as applicable) and be present at the initial interview.

  2. Please attach two character references to the form. These should be in the form of a letter from the referees. They should be from reputable people such as an employer, teacher, etc.

  3. Before your initial interview you are requested to complete this form, and the handwritten section will then be sent for handwriting analysis (at a cost of R770). The R770 (incl VAT) must be paid by EFT or bank deposit. You can request the bank details from our offices when you email your completed forms. The completed form, when submitted, will be emailed to the UOS so that we have your details on record. You will need to bring the originals of your uploaded documents when you come in for your initial interview.

  4. The following books must be read carefully by you and your partner (if applicable) before your initial interview.
    1. Real Messiah by Aryeh Kaplan - can be obtained at a Jewish book shop.
    2. Becoming a Jew by Maurice Lamm - can be obtained at a Jewish book shop.

  5. Thereafter, the fee for the initial interview is R1180. Please deposit into the UOS Account (details to follow in further correspondence) once you have an appointment.

  6. We reserve the right to send you for psychological evaluation which should be covered by medical aid.

  7. You will only be accepted onto the programme if you are a permanent resident of RSA and have permanent employment. Please attach confirmation of employment as well as a copy of your latest salary slip if applicable. If you are self-employed please indicate your average monthly income.

  8. Please attach proof of ownership of property or lease agreement for your home.

  9. If you are accepted to be registered on the conversion programme there will be a further charge of R4450 which is a non-refundable administration fee.

Please note that all information herein is confidential but can be shown to the Community Security Organisation for security purposes.

Please note that this application form does not mean that you have been accepted onto the conversion course. You will be informed in writing when you have been accepted.

All fields to be filled in. If not applicable, state N/A.

(You will need to upload your documentation before form submission)

Please select a city

Date 22 July 2019
Full name
Date of birth
Place of birth
Name of birth mother
Name of birth father
ID/passport number: (copy to be uploaded to this form)
Car Registration number
Describe past religious involvement
Is there anyone in your family that has converted?
Current physical address
Contact numbers (home/work/cell)
School attended
Tertiary qualifications
Tertiary institute attended
Current occupation
Place & address of work & how long you have worked there for
Employers name/Reference person
Employers/Reference person contact number
What is your marital status?
Name of partner or any person that you are romantically involved with
Date of birth of partner
Parents names of partner
ID no. of partner
Car Registration of partner
Email of partner
Physical address of partner
Contact numbers of partner (home/work/cell)
Marital status of partner
Religion of partner
If partner is Jewish, when and where were parents married?
In the case of a Jewish boyfriend/ husband, is he a Kohen, Levite or Israel?
Is there anyone in your partners family that has converted?
Highest qualification of partner?
Partners occupation & place of work
Names of children with dates of birth
School that children attend
Are there children from a previous marriage? If yes, please state name and birth dates
Name of parent that they reside with
Do you have a criminal record? (Police clearance to be obtained).
Do you suffer from any physical health condition?
If yes, are you on any medication? (Please supply details)
Do you have/ ever had any learning disabilities (eg ADHD, Dyslexia...)?
If yes, are you/ have you ever been on any medication? (Please supply details, letter from doctor)
Can you read Hebrew
If yes, how fluent is your reading?
If no, is there any reason you may struggle to read? (eg Dyslexia, previous struggled with languages). Please be specific
If yes, are you/ have you ever been on any medication? (Please supply details, letter from doctor)
Do you suffer/ ever suffered from any mental problems?
Have you been involved in substance abuse in the past? Please give details
Professional/ Social organisations that you do/ did belong to
The two books listed above (no. 4) have been carefully read by me and my partner (if applicable).
Is there any other information that you think we should know about?

PLEASE NOTE: We submit all applications for handwriting analysis.

You will need to complete one page of your general background by hand, sign, scan and upload it with the rest of the form. Please use your own NORMAL handwriting to fill in the page. If you usually write in print, please write one paragraph in cursive. Use a BLACK PEN AND UNLINED PAPER.

Please include the following:
  • Describe your birth family
  • Specify your education
    • Professional qualifications
    • Work experience
  • Describe your religious background from childhood until now
    • Your involvement in any religious organization
    • Religious qualifications etc
  • Describe your interests, hobbies etc
  • Describe your current family and their religious orientation
  • Specify your past and present relationships
Download "applicant's background & signature page" via hyperlink directly below (to be completed in applicant's handwriting). Upload completed document in the "UPLOAD SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS" section at the end of this form.
Are you affiliated with any Synagogue? If so, which Synagogue.
If so, how long have you been attending
Write a paragraph describing what Judaism means to you
Write a paragraph about your understanding of conversion and how it will affect your life
Your Full Name

Are you righthanded or lefthanded?




All fields to be filled in. If not applicable, state N/A.

Your General Background
(Upload handwritten document)
Download "partner's background & signature page" via hyperlink directly below (to be completed in partner's handwriting). Upload completed document in the "UPLOAD SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS" section below.
What is your belief in G-d and how does it affect your daily life?
Your Full Name

Are you righthanded or lefthanded?




Before you submit the form please ensure that all applicable documents have been uploaded!

     1) Your handwritten general background
     2) Partner's handwritten general background (if applicable)
     3) Two character letters
     4) ID or residency
     5) Confirmation of employment (if applicable)
     6) Lease (if applicable)

Only documents with the following file extensions can be uploaded: pdf, doc, docx, rtf
PLEASE NOTE: Multiple files can be uploaded, but their individual sizes MUST be less than 6MB.


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