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BRIOCHE Bakery (Milchik (NOT Chalav Yisrael) & Parev)) 53 Ridge Road, Glenhazel (011 028-1244/55
082 944-4018
Only use cell number if you
can't get through to landline)
DEE-JAYS DELI PERCELIA Parev and Chalav Yisrael Milchik 83 3rd Ave, Percelia (011 887-5756)
FEIGELS KOSHER DELI Meat (Mehadrin Comission and Beth Din Mehadrin on request), Chalav Yisrael Milchik & Parev Lyndhurst Discount Centre, Cnr Johannesburg & Modderfontein Rd, Lyndhurst (011 882-5305)
FEIGELS KOSHER DELI DEPOT Meat (Mehadrin Comission and Beth Din Mehadrin on request), Chalav Yisrael Milchik & Parev Shop 3, Queens Place, Kingswood Road, Glenhazel (011 887-1364)
FRIENDS BAKERY 11 Swemmer Road, Silvamonte (0861 374-3637)
HEIDI'S BAKERY Milchik (NOT Chalav Yisrael) & Parev   Email orders to Heidi@feldmans.co.za
Whatsapp Heidi Feldman for your orders only
083 440-7768
Facebook Site Heidi's Bakery
KOSHER CAKES BY DESIGN To order contact Lisa Gilbert
082 717-1151
Email: Koshercakesbydesign@gmail.com
MOOZ BROS   74 George Ave, Sandringham (011 485-5589)
OFF THE STRIP KOSHER STORE Chalav Yisrael & Parev 17 Anne Street, Sandringham (083 269-3393)
PICK 'N PAY FAIRMOUNT Deli (Meat and Parev)
Bakery (Parev)
Genesis Shopping Centre, Fairmount (011 640-3027)
PICK 'N PAY GALLO MANOR Cnr Bowling & Kelvin Rd, Gallo Manor (011 802-3118)
PICK 'N PAY KILLARNEY Killarney Mall, Riviera Rd, Killarney (011 486-2609)
PICK 'N PAY NORWOOD Norwood Mall, 6th Avenue, Highlands North (011 628-0000)
SHOSHANA'S BAKERY Shop 1 Glen Centre, Cnr Northfield Avenue & Queen Square Rd, Glenhazel (011 885-1039)
SHULA'S BAKERY   Bradfield Drive, Fairmount (011 640-1564)
SPAR SANDRINGHAM Bakery (Parev) 80 George Avenue, Sandringham (011 640-6402/3)
Meat Deli, Restaurant and Take away
Meat Morning Glen Shopping Centre, Gallo Manor 011 656-4915
011 656-3142
Email: info@thedelistore.co.za

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