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Jews are not allowed to own Chametz during Pesach. Where it is not possible to dispose of all Chametz, the Halachah has made provision for it to be sold to a non-Jew before Pesach.

The Beth Din undertakes this legal procedure on the morning of Erev Pesach. The Chametz that has been sold (for which ownership has legally changed hands) must be stored in a cabinet, cupboard or room that is locked on the morning of Erev Pesach by the time period for burning/disposal of Chametz applicable to your area, and which must remain inaccessible for the duration of Pesach. It is also important to label these areas clearly, stating that they contain Chametz which has been sold to a non-Jew.

NOTE: When selling Chametz, make a list of everywhere it might be - in the house, in a holiday home, in a caravan or garage, in an office or on business premises, and in vehicles. The selling of the Chametz should ideally be done personally through your local Rabbi. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SELL YOUR CHAMETZ THROUGH YOUR RABBI PERSONALLY, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW AND RETURN IT before 9:00 am on the morning of Erev Pesach, Friday the 19th April 2019, to the Beth Din offices :


Alternatively, if necessary, one could

e-mail it to the Beth Din at chametz@uos.co.za


complete the ONLINE Sale of Chametz form and submit it electronically (also by 9:00 am on Friday 19th April 2019)

NB: If Chametz is not sold before Pesach and remains in one’s possession during Pesach, it becomes totally prohibited and may not be used even after Pesach. It must be destroyed.

Mechirat Chametz 2019 / 5779 [Sale of Chametz]
   Mechirat Chametz 2019 / 5779 [Sale of Chametz]

Alternativley you can now complete the ONLINE Sale of Chametz form and submit it electronically.

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